Powder coating is a very durable finish in both its finish and its color. It's cost effectiveness makes it one of the top finishes available to the market today. This gives consumers, and businesses of all industries a very low maintenance, cost effective finish they can rely on. Powder coating is a process which applies a protective finish that also serves as a decorative finish. Powder coating can be applied to all sorts of metals. The benefits of powder coating can provide any surface with a sturdy finish making the surface less likely to scratch, chip, or fade. There are endless colors, finishes, and textures available. Textured finishes are great to conceal any flaws. The application of powder coating is through a conveyor system which includes a washer and spray booth. At Coast to Coast we have the capacity to service from the tiniest of parts up to over 6 ft. tall and maximum of 25 ft. long. We can prepare a special color to match your needs. We also offer all acid finishes and metal polishing services. Our prices are very competitive and we won't be undersold. Call or visit our plant for a quick and friendly quote.